was the weekend after christmas

and it was a good weekend!! had good food, with good drink in the company of really good friends... and tomorrow it's back to work for 3 days before the new year celebrations.

so hows it been? as expected... not really...looking forward to 2012.. i don't really know how to say it so far.. still trying to gather myself from one whirlwind, and wondering if it's gonna be a little smoother ride then 2011.... or would i prefer it to be more of a rollercoaster?

let u know in a few weeks!



a blistery week is forecast ahead... and somehow it all still feels too serene. a busy week seems to be looming ahead, but yet the psyche is at peace... am i in denial, or have i taken procrastination to a level too far behind in its' possible sense? winter looms even closer, but i keep feeling a new dawn is on the horizon.
maybe it's just the apprehension towards the new year, but there are no plans as of yet for what may come. some plans need to be thought of, but yet it seems to far and to vague to be of any concern just yet...
maybe some clues and even questions could arise in the next couple of weeks to come....and hope is eternal!!


week 2

in case anyone is still reading this blog.. no there was no week one hehe... it's just an update from a very very busy month back... i spent the most of it chasing documents across international borders, and then back and forth to several recruitment agents.... and finally landed a job at an IT asset management warehouse, which mainly deals in resale and/or recycling.

It's a pretty straightforward job, but it's a bit far out of London. travelling time is not a problem.. cost is though. so hopefully when the overtime hours start to kick in, it'll be worth it. otherwise the hunt will have to be relaunched.

time will tell!


cool ideas

saw this online on one of the sites i regularly keep track off.. and am constantly amazed at the things people come up with...

the following was one of the top 10 IKEA-hacks of 2010....

IKEA Hackers: Bedroom dress boys

but top prize for last year goes to the young genius who had to create his ideas out of sheer necessity!




found a site that lets you create your own playlists and play em ... no downloads needed... all u do is create an account, and ur set to go.. free!...


so far so good.. some drawbacks of course... you need to know the songs you want to add... and as all databases go.. you don't always get the right match (sometimes it's live versions.. unless of course that's your style) or the system can't find your song.....

likey so far!


high drama

u know sometimes u read news n u go.... Hhmm wonder what it was like there?

well yesterday there was a peaceful rally in London against the cuts , so there was a march, some talks ... all in all a rather festive feel to it.

of course when people flock together, they end up becoming a mob. a bunch of folks decided to do a Bahrain n occupy Trafalgar Square. alls well, nothing wrong with a sit in.

then another bunch of people decided to start targetting certain establishments , blaming them for avoiding taxes etc hence some vandalism in Oxford Street.

and where were we in all of this? no no, not the march but we wanted to do some shopping , n ended up in regent street, somewhere in between the fun mob n the yobs. so day went on mostly without drama , there was even some bagpipers n folks in costume.

late about 6 pm ish things started to get edgy. could somehow feel it in the air. so we thought of making a last stop at a sport store in Piccadilly, lo n behold there was a large presence of riot police.

we were still in the store when the fire alarm went of n we were evacuated! drama. noise outside! smoke in the air! we were part of news!!

once outside the police actually directed us away from the mob n we passed an alley right behind the store. some idiot had set fire to a vehicle (eavesdropped on a bobby for this juicy bit :p) n there was a crowd of morons busy taking pictures with their phones(!!!) ... we made a dash for it though. did consider stopping by tesco for some milk , but decided otherwise.

Jas n me then hightailed it outta there. headed towards the tube station at green park, yup after a roundabout way.

funny thing though, after reading about budget cuts n peoples plight , the only outcome of the rally n the mob that I perceived was more expenditure by the goby in cleaning up the mess left by these folks.


learn a new thing each day...

went out for a TT session with Mex...and while messing around with the cam.. realised that i had forgotten to use a simple technique that i had read about early when i started fiddling around with me cam....sigh... guess this proves that there's no stopping learning as long as u keep pluggin' away!

going for a St Patricks Day parade today, with initial hope that i'd be able to garner some cool parade-y shots.. but woke this morning and the damn sky is overcast... siiggghh.. mother nature pulls another one over the bbc weather team again!

well, lets see if i can get some kind of result later!

update : bloody hell... not only overcast it rained for about half an hour n still very gloomy, skyline was actually obscured during that time... boo so no point heading into the city cos by the time we get there, the parade would be at it's tail end... talk about a dampener.... in more ways then one.

guess it's plan B then.. look for an irish bar n get some Stout to celebrate St P day!!